10 days – Solidarity safari

10 days – Solidarity safari

Arusha, Tanzanie

10 days – Solidarity safari

Arusha, Tanzanie


This itinerary combines days of game drives in the four major national parks of northern Tanzania with days of discovery of daily life in the villages and visits to NGOs, foundations and/or "sustainable" companies. .
It is aimed at all those wishing to discover another Tanzanian reality, apart from the observation of wildlife, and wishing to take an interest in or get involved in a solidarity project. Designed in an educational spirit, it is resolutely oriented towards travelers of very varied profiles, starting with the youngest whom it wishes to raise awareness of this other Tanzanian reality.

Tour Plan

Day 1: Arrival in Arusha

Your driver will meet you at Kilimanjaro International Airport and take you to the village of Mulala, a Wameru tribe village nicely located on the southeastern flanks of Mount Meru, about 30 km from Arusha.

Overnight homestay in Mulala.

Day 2: Discovery of daily life in Mulala

This day will begin with the discovery of the picturesque cheese-making unit of Mama Anna. You also visit the bakery, shops and farms. If you wish, you can participate in the preparation of your lunch. In the afternoon, you take a guided tour of the coffee and banana plantations, then discover the lush surroundings by hiking to the Masisha River. You then enjoy a spectacular view of Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro.

Overnight homestay in Mulala.

Day 3: Tarangire National Park

After breakfast, your driver-guide picks you up and takes you to Tarangire National Park. As soon as you enter the park, you begin your photo safari. The park is particularly renowned for its giant baobabs, its termite mounds… and its elephants.

Overnight at Tarangire Osupuko Lodge at the park entrance.

Day 4: Lake Manyara National Park

In the morning, you take the road to this picturesque park located on the edge of the Rift Valley and begin your game drive. You will discover the groundwater forest, the open forests, the grasslands as well as the alkaline lake, and will undoubtedly be able to observe elephants, giraffes, impalas, hippos, and perhaps even lions among others.

Overnight homestay in Esilalei, next to Mto wa Mbu.

Day 5: Solidarity day in Mto wa Mbu

Day devoted to the discovery of the village of Mto wa Mbu which, despite its small size and isolated location, is home to a population from many different tribes. The activities planned in this program are:
• Walk in the village (2 to 4 hours): excellent introduction to daily life in Africa, with the discovery of the houses and crafts of the tribes of Mto wa Mbu. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet locals and learn about banana beer, Makonde woodcarvings and tribal painting techniques.
• Lunch at Mama's (1-2 hours): Savor a delicious home-cooked meal at a local mum's house. During lunch, the guide will provide you with a history of the area and the many local tribes.
• Starting at 4:30pm, you will visit the Amani Children Home, which supports underprivileged children in Mto wa Mbu with their academic endeavors, emotional development and physical well-being through full-time residential care. You will be able to choose to participate in several activities with the children for approximately two hours and will be free to make a donation if you wish.

Overnight homestay in Esilalei, next to Mto wa Mbu.

Day 6: Ngorongoro crater

Early in the morning, you leave for the Ngorongoro Crater and descend to the bottom for your game drive. You will appreciate the abundance and variety of wildlife in the crater, including the “big five”. Expect to see zebras and wildebeests, encounter lions and with luck spot rare rhinos.

Overnight at Whisper Serengeti in the heart of the Serengeti.

Day 7: Serengeti National Park

Full day game drive to explore the Serengeti and observe its fascinating wildlife. You may also be lucky enough to see a well-hidden predator like a cheetah or a leopard…

Overnight at Whisper Serengeti in the heart of the Serengeti.

Day 8: From Serengeti to Karatu

You spend the morning on game drive in the Serengeti National Park. In the afternoon, you take the road towards the village of Karatu, again crossing the Ngorongoro conservation area.

Overnight homestay in Karatu.

Day 9: Return to Arusha and solidarity projects

In the morning, you take the road to Arusha where you will visit the Sidai Designs and Shanga associations.
Sidai Designs: this NGO collaborates with Maasai women to create contemporary handmade jewelry and decorative objects. You can visit their workshop and participate in a pearl jewelry making class for 2 or 3 hours.
Shanga: You'll visit this social enterprise that employs people with disabilities to create unique, high-quality jewelry, glassware, and homewares using recycled materials.

Possible activities after visiting Sidai Designs and/or Shanga are a guided tour of the modern city of Arusha, including a visit to the Maasai market.

Overnight homestay in Arusha.

Day 10: Green Venture

The morning will be devoted to the visit of Green venture, a company whose mission is to transform plastic waste into sustainable and affordable products. If you wish, you can participate in the activities of the company, in particular the collection and sorting of plastic before processing...
Lunch in town and free afternoon. At the desired time, your driver-guide will take you back to the bus station or the airport for the continuation or the end of your trip.

About Sidai and Shanga

Since Sidai Designs is an NGO dedicated to women, we suggest female visitors to take the beading course with Sidai Designs and male visitors to visit Shanga. Nevertheless, each place accepts both male and female visitors.

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