Arusha National Park

This national park lies close to Arusha and can conveniently be reached for a one day safari into its diverse habitats. In addition, this park also encloses Mount Meru offering a rewarding four day trekking tour on one of Africa’s highest mountains.

Despite its relatively small size, Arusha National Park features three distinct vegetations. Most of the national park is covered with forest. On a safari or short trekking tour through this area you can see various animals, such as the famous black-and-white colobus monkey. A spectacular sight and viewpoint in this habitat is the Ngurdoto Crater from where you have a great view over the wetlands inside the crater. In the forest clearings, you enter the realm of the savannah. There are great numbers of giraffe, zebra and buffalo. In the North Eastern part of the national park, there are the alkaline Momella Lakes fed by underground streams. They are home to hippos, lesser and greater flamingos and many migrant birds between May and October.

Finally, Mount Meru rises in the West of Arusha National Park to 4,562 m. On its slopes the forests give way to moorland before the alpine desert definitely reveals Mount Meru’s origin as an ancient volcano. This change of habitats is one of the major attractions in climbing the mountain as well as the big chances of meeting some animals close up along the way.


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