Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria, named in honor of the eponymous queen, is bordered by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. With an area of 68,800 km², it is the largest freshwater lake in the world.

If the Rubondo Island National Park, a veritable tropical Eden located to the southwest of the lake, is quite difficult to access, you can be tempted by two or three days of relaxation near Lake Victoria when you have crossed the Serengeti from east to west.

Travelers curious about human encounters can then visit the Sukuma tribe, the largest Tanzanian ethnic group which has long prospered thanks to cotton cultivation and cattle breeding, and which is known for its traditional dances.

Finally, the town of Mwanza located on the edge of the lake does not lack charm either: surrounded by hills dotted with large rocks (do not miss the spectacular “Jiwe Kuu” – the big rock –), it has beautiful colonial buildings and numerous Hindu temples, among others.


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