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Several airlines fly to Tanzania, among them KLM, British Airways, Swiss, Emirates AirlinesKenya Airways, Egyptair, Ethiopian AirlinesQatar Airways and Turkish Airlines. While some of these airlines fly to Dar es Salaam, others fly to Kilimanjaro International Airport close to Arusha, the safari capital of Tanzania, or to Zanzibar. Alternatively, there are shuttle bus services, in particular from Kenya, to Tanzania. They provide transportation to several cities in Tanzania, most of all to Arusha.

Most visitors to Tanzania require a visa. Visas can either be obtained online, in person or by mail from a Tanzanian embassy or at the airport upon your arrival in Tanzania. However, it certainly pays to check on the visa requirements and availability well in advance with your local Tanzanian embassy.

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Because something unexpected can always happen before or during vacation, we advise our clients to take out travel insurance.
Soaring Flamingo has entered into a partnership with Yupwego, a travel insurance based in France but which is aimed at all travelers, regardless of their country of residence.
Thanks to its team of experts and its algorithm, Yupwego offers insurance contracts that adapt to the profile and budget of each traveler.

It is possible to carry out simulations and subscribe to an insurance contract by clicking on this link.

While you are on safari or on a trekking tour with Soaring Flamingo, you need not worry about transportation. We will arrange the entire trip for you, from the pick-up at the airport until we drop you off at the airport. If you need additional transportation, there are various flight connections in Tanzania, for example by Air Tanzania, Precision Air, ZanAir, and Coastal Aviation. In addition, bus services run between many towns in Tanzania. On the big lakes, most of all Lake Tanganyika and Lake Victoria, ferries connect the settlements. Within the cities, you can catch a taxi. Alternatively, if you know your way around and are adventurous, you may also catch one of the many daladalas, i.e. minibuses, running a route to your destination.

Tanzania can be visited throughout the entire year and there can be sunny and rainy days at any time. However, your experience will vary depending on the season. During the heavy rain season from the end of March until mid-May in Northern Tanzania and from December to April in Southern Tanzania, nature is revived. In return, some roads and trails are inaccessible. Although there is another increase in rain in Northern Tanzania in November and early December, no obstructions occur. The rest of the year is considered dry season. Vegetation gradually dries out and the animals concentrate around the remaining water. July and August are high season in tourism. Not only are there more tourists during this period, but also prices are higher in many places. For more information on the climate see About Tanzania.


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